Up Greenpoint



A Kid’s Life

in 1970s Brooklyn


A memoir about family, friends, and fun from my childhood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


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Brooklyn in the 1970s - no smartphones, no Netflix, barely anyone had cable - what the heck did kids do? We played street games, roamed the neighborhood, caused a little trouble, and had a lot of fun. Check out the video and then enjoy the book for some laughs and memories.



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Media Review:

“This book is a lot of fun. I enjoyed reading about a childhood so different from mine. I grew up in rural Montana, I had absolutely no concept of what living in an urban area was actually like. It was fun to see childhood through a different lens.” Sarah from the Golden State Media Concepts Book Review Podcast


Check out the Book Trailer video:

“I suspect being mugged, getting chased for playing stickball, and grabbing the back of a city bus while wearing roller skates made me a more resilient person. We didn’t mind the ’77 blackout, sweat over the ’78 blizzard, or freak about the Son of Sam. The Yankees were winning pennants and the girls were oh so cute. We had some great times.”                               

                            Tommy Carbone








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