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Please find my books at these locations:

#1) In Maine shop Sherman's - in Bar Harbor, Freeport, Damariscotta, Boothbay Harbor, Portland, or online, shop - click here: Sherman's Books.

#2) In Greenville, Maine, at Kamp Kamp, I don't think they have an e-commerce website, but you can call them at: (207) 695-0789 and I'm sure they'd ship to you.

#3) Your local bookstore can order, or you can find at Indie Bound, the independent bookstore search.

#4) For hardcovers - and I love the hardcovers - the stores don't often carry, and even Amazon sometimes will not, but Barnes and Noble has them. Click here.

#5) Please shop local when you can, but as a last resort, you can find me on Amazon at my book page.

Maine novels

The Moosehead Mystery Series

This is a fun, somewhat historical fiction series set in Maine's north woods. It is appropriate for young readers and adults alike. There is no gore, no murders, and no bad language. The writing will bring you to the Maine woods around Moosehead Lake - Maine's largest lake.